Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leaders are:

  • Passionate about serving students, graduates, employers and communities
  • Dedicated to working closely with the San Joaquin Valley College, Inc. colleges and campus staff to provide high-quality career education and exceptional student services
  • Focused on improving lives through higher education

San Joaquin Valley College, Inc. Board of Directors


Mark Perry


Mike Perry
Chief Executive Officer/President


Robert Perry
Founder and Board Member

Ember Education Leadership

Mike Abril Ember leadership team

Mike Abril
Chief Legal Officer


Joseph Holt
Chief Operating Officer

Russ Lebo Ember Leadership

Russ Lebo
Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Robinson Ember leadership team

Kevin Robinson
Senior Vice President of Financial Aid


Angela Heinz
Vice President of Growth and Development

Robert Hendrickson Ember Leadership team

Robert Hendrickson
Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

Adam Lefaive Ember leadership team

Adam Lefaive
Vice President of Information Systems


Harlan Lindholm
Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities

Ralph Ortiz Ember leadership team

Ralph Ortiz
Vice President of Purchasing

Alana Schrock Ember leadership team

Alana Schrock
Vice President of Human Resources


Ginger Silverman
Vice President of Marketing Communications

Lynne Hare
Vice President of Finance

Alyssa Perry
Vice President of Community Partnerships

Robert Dominguez

Robert Dominguez
Corporate Counsel

San Joaquin Valley College Senior Leadership


Nick Gomez


Scott Hager
Vice President of Operations


Anthony Romo
Vice President of Enrollment and Graduate Services

Carrington College Senior Leadership


Mitch Charles

Lea Marshall
Associate Vice President, Administration 

Leigh Christopherson
Regional Vice President of Operations, North Region

Elmo Frazer
Regional Vice President of Operations, Central Region

Michael Como
Regional Vice President of Operations, South Region

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